Our Process

What to Expect From Us

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Preliminary Pricing Presentation and Agreement
  3. Property Viewing
  4. Property To-Do list
    • If the property needs work, we will provide a list of what needs to be fixed before we put it on the market.
  5. Solidification of Marketing Price
  6. Executing Management Agreements
  7. Property Marketing Development
    • We will work with you to document all amenities the property has in order to best attract quality tenants.
  8. Execute marketing plan to attract qualified tenants
  9. Schedule property viewings
  10. Thoroughly screen qualified tenants
  11. Prepare lease agreements
  12. Collect Security deposits
  13. Schedule move-in
  14. Property Pre-move-in Inspection
  15. One-on-one meeting with tenants to review rules and regulations
    • Collection of first month's rent
    • Deliver keys to tenants
    • Review maintenance requests and operations
    • Verify renter's insurance
  16. Automated Owner Payments and Statements Delivered Monthly
  17. Ongoing Services as Needed
    • Communication with tenant about issues
    • Regular detailed routine inspections, with photos
    • Property maintenance and preservation